Just book it… You won’t be disappointed. Myself and my partner walked out with 2 beautiful pieces of contemporary jewellery which we’ll actually wear. Jessica was thoughtful in providing guidance in the making process, and with some patience and careful listening, you can easily walk out with something you’ll be proud to show off & share a story about. Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon, Jessica.

Troy & Will - July 2021

Great morning exercising our creative brains; strangely addictive …and was very satisfying making a piece of jewellery for one of my daughters … thanks Jessica

Dirk - July 2021

Naturally, both me and my partner came in with big ambitious ideas. Jess was an amazing teacher, and a genuinely thoughtful host. She reigned us in when we needed, but let us get crazy creative too. We got to use all the fun tools, and my partner even got to make his own ingot in a teeny tiny forge, which of course was his favourite thing. It was so much making in Jess's space with her guidance. You'll be so surprised what you can create! This was definitely the highlight of our whole trip and I'll be bringing my whole family next time.

Abby- July 2021

"More than just an amazing jewellery making experience. I've learned so much in a short time. Jessica is an amazing host, and her studio is an absolute gem with a breathtaking view."

Yung- November 2020

"Highly recommend this to anyone who has a crafter spirit in you, making something from scratch is super satisfying. We went as a private group of friends and it was an absolutely enjoyable experience. Lots of laughters!"

Renee- November 2020

"If you have ever wondered what it was like to make jewellery put this experience at the top of your list. Loved every moment. Thanks Jess!"

Andria- August 2020

"My husband and I signed up for this experience and it exceeded expectations. We felt super welcomed when we first arrived and throughout the entire experience. Jessica really is an expert and professional at what she does! My husband had a great time operating the tools (there were so many), and we both enjoyed crafting something. Jessica gave us plenty of space to explore on our own (my husband’s style) but would step in if we wanted it for pointers (more my style). She prepared an amazing lunch and her studio is a very cool space. I can’t recommend this experience enough, and would do it again if I could! I left with a beautiful bracelet and several rings."

Hayley- March 2020

"Jessica provided an amazing full-day experience complete with personalized instruction, coffee throughout the day, a food-lovers lunch, ample and varied materials for jewellery-making, and a warm friendly atmosphere. Both my partner and I left with beautiful pieces of jewellery neither of us could have made without Jessica’s expert instruction. At the same time, she gave us full rein to express our creativity and own the process every step of the way. This is a must-do experience in Queenstown."

Ryan- February 2020

"Jess' workshop is the absolute must-do for fun or for a special event. Jess helped me all the way through to craft my wedding ring and she did accept the challenge and we did an amazing ring! I will go back for leisure. It was one of the best accomplishment and Jess is just awesome! Lunch delicious, the studio is really cool! Do it!"

Laeti- February 2020

"Outstanding and unique! Jess has incredible passion for her art and sharing this with us was so natural. She immediately put us at ease and really gave us a sense that we could explore our creativity with confidence! She genuinely wanted us to be able to come away from the experience with a piece or two we totally loved! But mostly her patience and kindness went hand in hand with her amazing skill. She’s a total pro. This isn’t a once-in a lifetime experience because we all want to go back again!! Highly recommend."

Candace- February 2020

"I was lucky enough to take a jewellery making class with Jessica, who was warm and supportive and a master at her craft! It was such a unique experience that I enjoyed it more than any other activity in and around Queenstown (and I did a lot!). She was easy to chat with and offered guidance when I needed it, but had me doing everything by myself! I ended up taking away a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring, all which I was very pleased with. Highly recommend for anyone, even if you aren’t artistically inclined, Jessica made all the steps easy and you get to solder things :)"

Vania- January 2020

"Today, I did a workshop with Jessica and two other lovely women from NZ. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and the workshop was so exhilaratingly fun! You start with virtually no experience whatsoever and you leave with a work of art of your own making. Jessica is highly-educated and trained and has shown her designs all around the world. She has a keen eye for design and art — she paints as a hobby and we found out she grew up with a mother as an artist, painter, & potter. All of it just makes so much sense this is what she now does for a living. She has a warm heart and you’ll leave with a sense of pride that you made something so cool on your own (with her tutelage and guidance, of course). You’ll be hammering, pounding and soldering silver and you’ll be confident by the end. 5 stars. So worth every penny! And, if that isn’t enough — she makes you the most delicious lunch. Book it — you’ll be so happy you did!"

Penelope- January 2020

"Belinda - we had a lovely day today. The setting was beautiful and we loved Jess’ house and studio and philosophy. We were all very happy with our jewellery - it was such an enjoyable day. The lunch was delicious! Beth- I had a great day with my two friends and Jessica. We explored the world of jewellery design as novices in a wonderful studio setting. Everything was provided including a generous homemade morning tea and lunch, including items from the delightful veggie garden. I will be back one day to learn more and add to my collection of silver pieces made here in Queenstown. Thanks, Jessica Else - thanks Jess for an amazing day! Great tuition, fantastic place, wonderful food! What more could we want. Hope you’ll have us back next time...."

Beth- January 2020

"Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she generously shared with me. I loved my day with her, it was exactly what I was looking for, I learnt a lot and had the added bonus of a delicious lunch that she prepared for me."

Judy- January 2020

"My 17 year old daughter spent a memorable day with Jessica during our holiday in Queenstown. The studio is a comfortable and professionally equipped space, which allowed the opportunity to try new techniques that we are not set up for at home. Jessica is a wonderful person and teacher, and was very welcoming and encouraging to my daughter. She was also very understanding when it looked like we might have had to cancel because of illness. In the end we were able to go ahead and it ended up being a highlight of the holiday!"

Tom- January 2020

"My sister and I had a truly unique experience with Jess. What a beautiful working space with an amazing view! We loved the jewellery making process and we were thrilled with our final product. And we felt so special having a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal for lunch by Jess. Thank you for this 5 star experience!"

Katie- November 2019

"This was such a special experience for me and my sister! Jessica is an expert at what she does and we left with our own special pair of earrings and a matching ring. Jessica is a lovely person to get to know as she has many world experiences and is highly trained in what she does."

Leah- November 2019

"Jessica's jewelry class was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations!! She is a true master of her craft. My sister and I went together, and after Jessica's intro and teaching about each tool, we each designed our own earrings and ring. Jessica was happy to let us use each machine on our own, but was always right there with advice or help when needed. I'm so happy with the final product and will remember this experience forever!"

Rachel- November 2019

"This workshop was a fascinating glimpse into a world of creativity and artistry."

Lilly- September 2019

"Fabulous experience, I was a bit concerned about our creative abilities (or lack thereof) but Jess helped us make unique lovely pieces that we were really proud of."

Kirsten- September 2019

"Jessica is truly an expert and an angel of a host. She was extraordinarily flexible regarding what I wanted to make and made every effort to fit that into the class. She made the most amazing coffee and muffins and tea I have ever had the pleasure of having. Taking Jessica's class truly felt like being in a friend's home spending a lovely afternoon learning a new skill. She makes you feel welcomed. Her expertise in her craft is clear. She quickly assesses and troubleshoots any issues that may come up in the process of your craft. She has great patience and great positive attitude. You cannot go wrong by taking this class. You will learn great skills and have a great time. Her passion is second to none and her creative skills are excellent. I truly appreciated being in her workspace and felt more inspired leaving it. Absolutely would recommend this to anybody coming into town and I may take it again if I had the opportunity."

Timothy- September 2019

"I had a wonderful time learning the basics of working with silver, making a necklace and ring. Jessica is an excellent teacher - it was a great experience."

Susan- August 2019


July 2019

The workshop was a fabulous experience and so much fun. Jess was a lovely host and also an attentive and patient teacher. I felt very supported yet free to work autonomously. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to try new skills and get creative!


July 2019

A once in a life time experience. Has left me wanting to learn more about jewellery making. Jess was incredible and helped where needed and was able to answer all my crazy questions. Jess cooked the most delicious lunch. I certainly recommend this experience to everyone.


July 2019

This is a must-do experience for anyone wishing to be creative and learn a new skill. Jessica was an exceptional teacher of her craft and structured the day around getting stuck into making jewellery and letting ideas flow as the process and product developed.


April 2019

What an incredible experience, I’ve a newfound love and appreciation for jewellery and the art behind it. Jess was fantastic, her creativity is contagious and there is nothing like walking away with your creations from the day. Enjoy the experience you won’t regret it.


March 2019

Jess was just incredible! I haven't met a creative like her. Not only did I have an incredible time learning how to create unique and interesting pieces of jewelry, but I also got to spend time with Jess who had some incredible stories and insight into life as a working creative. Jess is also an incredible teacher and I felt comfortable and supported throughout the creative process.


March 2019

From the house decor, sweet pets (Indy! My new fav doggie!), the lunch and snacks (yes! It’s a gourmet healthy meal!! I could just spend this space writing about it!! 😋), the workshop space, the relaxed atmosphere, all a special experience. We also made a wedding band set that is so special! It was an excellent collaborative experience and due to her superb skills and eyes I walked away with a powerful piece!! My husband also made some excellent pieces and Jessica was supportive of both of us! The practice session is very helpful at the beginning!! All the pitfalls can be learned in the first part of the day! Thank you for a memorable and unique experience Jessica!


February 2019

What a great day! I made what I had in mind and it turned out better than I imagined, thanks to Jess and her knowledge and patience. She’s a kind soul with a great communicative personality. Her workshop is fabulous and relaxing. I would recommend this experience highly! It’s great to come away with an original piece that means something to you that you made yourself! 😍 Thanks again Jess 😀


February 2019

Outstanding... unbelievable.. unique... creative... one in a lifetime experience..... amazing....WOW... just a few words to describe this unique and amazing creative course. From knowing nothing to melting down my own old gold and my husband created a wedding band and I made a gold bangle for myself. Just WOW!!! Very happy customers returning with many creations. Jessica is a gem... an amazing cook (chef) too, so you will have one of the best experiences in your lifetime. Just do it! Thanks again Jessica. x



February 2019

I stare at my creations all the time and just can't believe that we made them. thank you, thank you Jessica. I've already been asked by people where I bought from.... he he. your food was restuarant quality and you made my birthday one I will remember for the rest of my life, thanks to you. xx


February 2019

What a wonderful experience! My partner & I are visiting from Australia & were looking to try something unique whilst in Queenstown. We were welcomed by the delightful Jessica into her lovely studio. While enjoying a delicious coffee and home made biscuits, Jessica showed us through the basics of jewellery making. Including use of tools, materials and composition of metals. Jessica then guided us with great care, patience and understanding through making our own pieces. At midday we sat down to a beautiful homemade organic lunch and delightful conversation about the beautiful surroundings of her home and intriguing journey in fashion and lifestyle. We walked away with pieces of jewellery that we are very happy with and even more so because we had made them ourselves. I myself liked it so much that I'll be continuing as a hobby when I get home. I highly recommend this course for something new and unique and can guarantee you will be well looked after in Jessica's capable hands. Elke


January 2019

Jessica is a very experienced and talented jeweller who has strong problem-solving skills; patience; and strong design input skills. The workshop was a wonderful experience and one can easily get into learning the craft and learn a new appreciation for the skill required to be competent let alone good at it! Highly recommended! The girl is really a secret chef and the lunch itself was worth the workshop!!!!


January 2019

I bought this experience as a gift for my daughter who is currently living in Queenstown. Jessica’s communication with me throughout and subsequently with my daughter to arrange a date was excellent. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her day getting creative with Jess. I would highly recommend this experience xxx


15 January 2019

What an excellent experience working with Jessica was! She is a very creative person and an excellent teacher, very patient. We were shown the basics, step by step, and then allowed to go in what ever direction we want but always with Jessica close at hand to help guide you towards your goal. It was the highlight of my visit to Queenstown!


January 2019

This was an amazing experience. It was so much fun creating something from nothing with Jessica. She showed up the ropes and let us do our thing, but was always ready to give a helping hand or answer a question whenever we had one. I ended up making a ring and a bracelet which I am more than happy to wear on a daily basis. 10/10


December 2018​

I HIGHLY recommend this experience without reservation! Jess was wonderful, patient and clearly skilled at matching her style to each student. Perfect way to spend a day in Queenstown. Town center is very commercial — this was a nice way to get away and enjoy a more low key day with delicious food and good company.


December 2018



December 2018

Amazing experience. Jessica helped me make a ring using a stone my family has had for ages which was really special. I ended up making 3 rings and my friend made a pair of earrings and 4 rings. We were also provided with tea, snacks and a delicious lunch. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going to Queenstown and we would both do it again if we got the chance.

Lan Claire

6 October 2018

Absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only was Jessica a pleasure to hang out with- she was a fantastic teacher and was so kind to make a vegan lunch for our group. I was amazed at how comfortable I was with all the equipment she has in her studio just minutes into the start of the workshop. She has so many fun tools to use and techniques to show you. She’s a talented artist and has real passion for this craft. My husband and I made a second set of wedding rings to commemorate our NZ honeymoon, and I also had time to make two more rings that I adore- I’ve been wearing them (and admiring them) all day. Really, this was such an awesome day and a highlight of our trip. Thanks so much Jess!


May 2018

Our experience with Jessica was incredible. We learnt so much about her practice and left the workshop not only with two beautiful rings, but also feeling completely inspired. We had great conversations, great lunch and felt so comfortable in her home! If we could give this experience 6 stars, we would!! Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend.


February 2018​

The class was very fun, creative, and informational. Thanks Jessica for helping me make such a beautiful piece!


January 2018

This was an amazing experience - Jessica was super helpful and lovely. Absolutely love the ring I made! Highly recommended.


December 2017

I booked this experience on a whim and i am sooo happy i did! This is my first Airbnb experience and now i tend to do a lot more! Jessica was exceptional! Amazing teacher. Coming in to this not knowing one thing about jewelry making i was very nervous. Jessica never once made me feel inadequate and truly helped my idea of a ring come to life and i absolutely love what i made! And believe me, I’m not a crafty person at all. It was such a great experience and I’ve fully come to appreciate the hard work and long hours jewelry artists put into making a piece of jewelry and I’ll always have that in mind whenever i shop for quality pieces! Thanks again, Jessica! I would recommend this to any person who enjoys hands on activities. 10/10!


October 2017

This workshop was an incredible creative experience for me. Jesssica gave me extraordinary support to create a "memory" pendant of my trip to the South Island. She is a kind, patient and hugely talented individual. I will look back on this experience with great joy for years to come. Thank you so very much!


August 2017

Jessica is all class. Organized, talented and an insightful teacher. You'll enjoy everything from the food to your miraculous ability to shape metal with your hands.


12 July 2017

Jess' workshop is a dream for anyone who loves crafts. She was awesome and her understanding of how materials interact really helped me with designing my own piece. Thank you so much.


May 2017

Exceptional experience with Jess who generously shared her considerable knowledge and skill as well as her ideas and suggestions for Silver jewelry making workshop. The atmosphere is warm and inviting just like Jess and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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